Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What is your definition/ view of an architect?

What is your definition/ view of an architect? 
In addition, name one word that sums it all up.

BOB (Partner Emeritus):
Someone once observed that an architect is a specialized generalist. This describes a person who knows just a little about many different things.  In fact, an architect is someone who knows less and less about more and more, until he reaches the point where he knows practically nothing about almost everything.  On the other hand, an engineer is just the opposite, knowing more and more about less and less until he knows almost everything about nothing.  A contractor obviously knows nothing about anything as evidenced by the fact they he continues to do business with both architects and engineers.

A single word for people in the design professions: Designists (a much cooler word than designer).

A single word to describe an architect:  Obsessive

JERRY (Partner):
If there was one word that I would use for an architect, it would be advocate.  In reality that is what we are.  Owners come to us and want us to create environments for them for varied reasons.  We, in turn, design those spaces that best suits their needs and fulfill their dreams and wishes.

JEFF (Partner):
It is the architects’ job to know all, see all and be chief problem solver.  Our job is to assist an Owner is realizing their vision, and help in all aspects of getting there.

One word: solutions!

TERI (Senior Project Manager, Newly Registered Architect):
An architect???I’ve actually never really considered that question.  I would say simply put, an architect collects as much pertinent information as possible and then produces a design that addresses each of those issues discovered.  However, with the bias that our subconscious continually seeks order in its environment, well, a great architect not only responds with a cohesive design solution that addresses the building’s programmatic requirements but one that also appeals to the user’s innate sensibility.  Architects create a sense of order even amongst chaos in the built environment.  Combine that with coordinating the inner workings going into any building and that’s an impressive feat.

In addition, name one word that sums it all up: Facilitator

DAVID (Director of Construction Administration):
Architects are Designers of the built environment.

One word to describe an “architect”: Leadership

AMY (Intern Architect):
An architect is multifaceted: one who blends art with engineering and balances the interests of many.

One word to sum up “architect”: caffeinated

CHRIS (Intern Architect):
My view of an architect is someone who makes a hard hat a part of the suit.

One word that sums it all up: Advocate

JACQUELINE (Intern Architect):
My definition of an architect is someone who strives to make our built environment functional and yet aesthetically pleasing.  They are always stressed out and are rarely appreciated.

One word to describe an architect is: creative

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